Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate Facial Serum: Review

Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate Facial Serum: Review

I personally feel that hydration is the foundation for a healthy looking skin. We have the standard moisturisers, cleansers and toners that help with making our skin soft, thoroughly cleansing it and giving it a healthy shine. However, we don’t give much thought to keeping our skin well hydrated. Lack of hydration, usually leads to dry, patchy skin, acne problems and dullness.

I had been facing similar issues for quite some time and I couldn’t fathom where I was going wrong with my skincare, until, one fine day, I bought this Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate Serum from my friend and I thank her every, single, day for offering it to me! (You know I do, Anam. šŸ˜‰)

Ladies, I call it the magic potion, you can call it the hydrate serum. It’s a jelly like mixture and you just need 3-5 drops of this concoction. Apply it to your skin after cleansing it and you would actually feel the thirsy skin cells screaming with joy! I can tell my skin feels instantly rejuvenated. You can also dab a small amount under your eyes to refresh and hydrate.

This product is made up of the most natural ingredients. It has organic aloe Vera leaf juice which is a humectant and makes it extremely hydrating. Other main ingredients include hyaluronic acid, hexapeptides, cucumber (my favourite), tamarind and passion flower extract. All natural, good things your skin is going to absolutely love.

It doesn’t matter what age group you belong to, your skin needs all the hydration it can get. This product is HIGHLY recommended. Include this in your night time, skincare routine or wear it under your foundation. It works well either way. Withhold spending on your make up purchases for some time, if need be, and buy the Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate Facial Serum. Trust me, you would be doing your skin a HUGE favour.

You are welcome.

Photography: Anam Rafiq

Morphe 25b Bronze Mocha: Review

Morphe 25b Bronze Mocha: Review

December, 2016, Morphe launched two limited edition eyeshadow palettes, 25a Copper Spice and 25b Bronze Mocha. 25a was more towards warm shades while 25b had cooler toned, purples and browns.

I opted for 25b because all the other palettes I own are full of warm toned browns and golds, this time I wanted to experiment with the cooler, more ethereal tones. And, boy, was I blown away?

It’s my best purchase to date, in terms of both quality and price. This product has 25 shades, and a good combination of mattes, shimmers and satins. The first two rows would give you both cool and warm transition shades, mostly matte and a few satins thrown in. The texture’s amazing, easy to blend and all well pigmented.

It also offers 6 shimmer shades, now these I found the most gorgeous! Morphe is famous for their shimmer shades and now I know why. They feel so buttery, glide on smoothly. The best part, these shimmers reflect like magic under light. I just love the subtle glam look they give!

The last two rows are mostly dark mattes, with a couple of satins in between. Now, I found these darker shades a bit difficult to blend because a. They’re highly pigmented and b. They tend to be a bit dry and come on chalky on the lid. I worked with small amounts and came to the conclusion that they’re definitely buildable. You need to have the right blending brush to make them work for you. They have some pretty amazing dark colours for a deep, smoked out look.

Highly recommended! It’s my go-to pallette at the moment for all looks. I don’t know if it’s still available as it was limited edition but I am assuming morphe would restock for some time. If it’s still up for sale, grab yours!

Photography: Anam Rafiq.

Our Happy PlaceĀ 

Our Happy PlaceĀ 

Momma, if you are reading this, I need your attention for this blog post. And if you aren’t one, I would suggest you still read on, this might be helpful for you. And if you fall into the catagory of a daddy, I would advise you to put your phone down, handle your kids for a bit, while the momma gets to read this. Great, thank you! Hopefully, everything has been resolved by now, and the mommas are all here, the toddlers have been given pacifiers and the kids have been handed over ipads by daddies so that the mommas could give me their undivided attention. There, I like it.
Now, ladies, did you do anything today that did not involve catering to a screaming toddler or an impatient husband? I was afraid the answer would a big, fat, NO. See, as much as we love being the ultimate home maker, making sure everything runs smoothly within the household and every family member’s demands are met before they start losing their sh*t. (Quite, literally, in case of a toddler) It is important, I repeat, IMPORTANT, that you set some ‘Me Time’ aside for yourself, every single day. I cannot emphasize enough on the fact that how vital it is for your own well being. You have people depending on you, in fact a whole household depending on you, and how are you to take on such responsibilities with all your heart when the heart hasn’t been nurtured and nourished regularly?

Learn to be kind to yourself along with showing kindness to every other living being around you. Because, the time spent with yourself is going to take you a long way, both physically and mentally. Now that you have fully grasped what I’m trying to tell you here, (If you still haven’t, woman, forget about that tantrum being thrown outside for once, I have made sure your husband is there to deal with it, and just go and read the first two paragraphs of this post with CONCENTRATION this time.) fret not, because I have prepared a list of things for you to indulge in during this, coveted, ‘Me Time’ which I’m going on an on about. You won’t regret the time out, promise.

1. Write: Be it poetry, a short story, or your jumbled up thoughts. Write because there is no other, better outlet for those piled up emotions.

2. Go to the movies: Fix a date with your girlfriend. Go out for a few hours, have popcorns, let that hair down, girrrrrl.

2. Dance your heart out: Youtube Shawn T and get moving!

3. Take a walk: Sometimes a quiet walk with your thoughts is enough to clear your head.

4 Treat yourself: Go out for a spa day or treat yourself to a mighty lunch at your favourite cafe.

5. Read: Catch up on your half read novels. Personally, I love reading the most because my mind can escape to any country the author wishes to take me to. I usually return light headed and content.

6. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Catch up and make plans.

7. Get crafting: Indulge in arts and crafts if you fancy that!

8. Yoga: This is by far the best! Yoga tends to completely refresh your body and soul.

9. Drive: Go out for a short drive, put on Lana Del Ray and sing on top of your lungs!

10. Visit your happy place, just close your eyes, and you are transported.


The Lazy Working Mother.

A Fierce Daughter

A Fierce Daughter

To my captive audience (Or so I’d like to believe), I am so, sooo glad to be writing a post after the longest time! This had been nagging and nudging me for quite some time now and I really, REALLY wanted to pen this down with as much sincerity and courage as I could muster.
I had been MIA, mostly, because of my work and the crazy schedule that left me with little to no energy (also, you know how lazy I am). Add a, fierce, little 5 year old girl to the mixture and, there you go, all sanity lost (But, also because I am so darn lazy). Now that I am on a break and have some time to myself, I had the time to think things through and put them into words. Or, atleast, I tried to. Here’s hoping that I make sense to most of you and that I do justice to what I perceive something extremely important.

So, here goes…

Everytime I look at my stubborn little daughter, a knowing fear grips my heart. I try not to over think when it comes to her well being or her future. However, being her mother, I can’t help but look into her eyes and predict the hurdles and hardships that are to come her way.

Why can’t I protect her from them all? You might contemplate. I am ‘The Mother’ after all. Am I not supposed to shelter her from the storms? The answer would be yes and no. I would be there for her, no matter what, to be her anchor, making sure she always has solid ground to fall back on. However, she would have to fight some battles on her own. All alone. She would have to fail, fall, learn from her mistakes and get back up again. The obstacles in her way would only make her stronger and more determined in attaining her goals.

Having said that, I also fear that our society would only add to her struggles. Raising a daughter in a place where women are still struggling to be treated as well as their male counterparts is a bloody tough job! As I sit here and write this, I can well imagine that she would be expected to conform to certain standards set by the society, being a female. It pains me to think that at some point in time, she would be made to feel inferior or not good enough for something, based on her gender. What’s more disturbing is I cannot expect the dynamics to change for the better any time soon, as patriarchy is so deeply rooted and ingrained in all of us that anything that questions the power dynamics is simply deemed absurd or completely disregarded.

Let’s talk about the much dreaded ‘F’ word here. Feminism. There, I said it. Now, before you cry out in disgust, let me break it down for you. To put it simply, Feminism means, “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of equality of the sexes”. Now sit back, take a few deep breaths, and reflect on this definition. If you feel that your daughters, sisters, wife and female colleagues should have the same rights and opportunities as you, well, there you go. You are a feminist. And there is no shame in claiming that! It only shows that you stand for justice and equality!

Why should a female not get the same opportunities and have the same rights as a male in this day and age? I still find it difficult to comprehend. When I was younger, I never really gave it much thought. Because we are all conditioned to just go with the flow. To let things be the way they are as that’s how they’ve always been. I can only thank my education, exposure and awareness for making me question the obsolete norms! I cannot expect things to change around me over night, but, I can very well contribute towards a society that is more just and fair for both the sexes.

Starting from my home, I feel our kids learn through examples. My husband and I have decided to practice and establish a few things that should help us raise a fearless daughter.
First things first, we try to maintain an equal, respectful relationship between us. We also make sure that chores are equally divided, focusing on demolishing gender specific roles.

One important aspect, I feel, is to always demonstrate that power, when it comes to decision making, is not specific to one person in a relationship. There should always be a balance in the power dynamics of a household.

We do not believe in gender specific toys! Nobody should have the power to decide what your little girl should be interested in but she herself. We have toys ranging from pink, glittery, barbie dolls to construction trucks (which, by the way, are all the rage these days in our household.) and scary looking dinosaurs. This is our way of telling her to go chase her dreams!

Likewise, activities should never be gender specific either. We enjoy an Elsa tea party where muffins are made out of play dough as much as changing our car’s tyres with daddy!

Most importantly, we try to embrace diversity by accepting individuals at face value and for who they are. Although, our daughter is still young to understand this, but we plan on raising her to be empathetic towards people and accept that everyone’s different and that they are unique in their own way.

Lastly, we would not want her settling for anything less than what she deserves. Because, nobody is going to give it to her on a silver platter, it is upto her, to claim what is rightfully hers.

I would end this post with hopes and prayers that the next generation and the generations to come after that would see a world where there is justice, equality and empathy.

With love,




Barefoot, she took on this endless journey
With hope like sunrays peeking through dense forest
The way was smooth as sand in the beginning
Soon turning into boulders of hard rock
Her feet ached with every step, the hope kept her going intact.

Barefoot she was, with nerves of steel
Teetering through the ghoulish night
Mind went in an interlude, a nightingale warbled songs of her plight
She yearned for the tumultuous journey to end, What she despised most, was not knowing what lay around the bend.

Barefoot, she struggled with the twigs churning underneath her weight
Blisters, she could feel, a hopeless tear trickles down to abate
“Is it this painful for the rest?”, her irrational mind mused.
The inner voice whispered,” Indeed, it is. Nobody is not ever bemused.”

On Being Me

On Being Me

Motherhood took me by surprise. It happened when I was least expecting it and for a month my mind went into a loop of, “I am not ready for this”. But, when are we ever ready for this emotional roller coaster? The answer is, never. It would always be overwhelming no matter what.

It was an absolutely alien feeling for me as I was in love with someone who did not even exist. I kept imagining this tiny little button which was about to turn my life upside down. And I realised only motherhood allows you to feel such spectrum of emotions.

Then came the time when nights turned into days and days into nights and I had no recollection of what was happening in the world, around me, whatsoever, as my world had centered over a little ball of flesh who would want all her needs met just through crying at the top of her lungs with her bundled up fists in the air.

There were days that I wanted to run far away, days that I wanted to question every decision I had ever made, days when I would ask myself, “Seriously, what were you even thinking?” Needless to say, they were usually overshadowed by the times she would look me in the eyes and giggle like she had just shared a joke, which was just between her and me. When she would, involuntarily, rub her chubby little palms against my cheek. When she would look at the ceiling fan in awe, like there was nothing more fascinating in the world. One look at her, first thing in the morning, and my heart would be overflowing with hopeless love. Was it even possible to feel so much love for someone that you actually feel like you might die of an overdose? It still baffles me.

I had, suddenly, become this vulnerable person with all of my nerve endings raw and exposed. Nonetheless, the mother who came into existence along with the child had made me stern and protective. I, now, had a ferocious lioness residing in me, who would not compromise her Cub’s well being if she ever felt threatened.

The feeling is unimaginable, otherwise. It is something which is insurmountable in any other relationship. It’s the love that is continually growing and asking for more and better. It’s about being strong when you are perpetually broken inside, about smiling when you want to break down and crying when you are smiling with joy.

I would not, could not, trade it for anything in the world. This is the best thing I have ever become and would ever be in life. This is the most amazing love I have ever felt. This is, probably, the best thing about being me.



A Snippet from the Diary

A Snippet from the Diary

I came across this paragraph in a book I had been reading and it instantly grabbed my attention. My mind kept coming back to it, reflecting on how the author had stated something imperceptible in such a simple, matter-of-fact way.

Life is the name of constant change and before we know it, we are 10 years past our High School  and very different individuals than we were back then. Some of us would attribute it to ‘growing up’, while some would state it’s only natural that different experiences in life eventually lead people to change to various extent.

However, that high schooler still lives, somewhere, in tiny nooks and corners of our brain and occasionally resurfaces when we are around people who knew us before we had become this mature individual. And oh, how liberating it is to let that goofy person out, from time to time. How good it feels to be with the ones who had seen us go through it all. They know who we are now but they have also known, even loved, the person we used to be. When we come face to face with them, we are reassured that the past was real and substantial and not just a figment of our imagination. We feel that calm taking over our nerves, the sweet feeling that they know what goes around in our mind.

We miss that person more than anyone else in the world, because we have lost touch with them as we grew into the aura of this person we are now. These old friends provide with a thread to revisit that old self, someone who was abandoned years ago. And we need this visit as much as we need air to survive because it would be tragic to lose our essence altogether.

Keep your old friends closest to your heart as the relationships forged with them is not something you were born with, but, something your heart created for you to thrive on.