Do you not wonder what became of her?
She, who was once life
Or rather, forced into that role
Only if she knew,
It was to be her demise.

Of all the stars you promised her,
She wanted just one
The one you wouldn’t give her
Which also happened to be her sun

Your hands seeking her fingers
Entwining them with yours
The unspoken vow that was broken
Didn’t prepare her for the wars

The wars that followed,
she had to fight
All alone, in the stillness of the night
Breaking her resolve with each flight
What a pity, you will never feel contrite.

What did become of her, was even more splendid
She came out of the ashes of her burnt dreams
Undaunted and mended
You couldn’t break her, could you?
She turned into gold in lieu


Review: EmBee Obsessions

Review: EmBee Obsessions

If you have been looking for a lip colour that would make all your ‘Fall’ fantasies come true, and an online page that would help make it a reality by arranging it for you, free of hassle, LOOK NO FURTHER, GUYS! This review is absolutely for you, yes you and you too over there!

I’m honestly not in a ‘writer’ state of mind these days, however, I was practically coaxed out of deep slumber, by the crazy voices inside my head, to write this one for you guys. I like sharing good things with people who are appreciative of make up products and services just like me. (See how I, very conveniently, avoided using the word ‘obsessed’ here.)

So, it all started when, one fine day, I came across someone wearing MAC ‘Dark Out’ prolong wear lip liner, and they made me Envious with a capital ‘E’ because they were rocking it so well! And I could just imagine myself wearing it and taking ‘Rocking It’ to a whole new LEVEL. This shade is all kinds of fantabulous, guys, and I just wanted it to be a significant part of my vanity, RIGHT AWAY. Now this ‘Right Away’ was a problem since we all know the kind of time it takes for online pages here in Pakistan to arrange for international brands.

I was instantly reminded of the page EmBee Obsessions and how they had always been swift with my queries in the past. I placed my order with them and I have never been happier!
So, I was told that I could have it ordered from either US or Dubai. If you want it from US, this $25 lip liner would cost you around 3600Rs and if opted for Dubai, it would sum up to 3800Rs. Now the best part, from US, the delivery time would be around 25 days. On the other hand, from Dubai, it would hardly take these people 4 days to arrange the product for you! Isn’t that amazing? So, naturally, I HAD to opt for Dubai. It took them less than 4 days to arrange it for me and I am officially the HAPPIEST, MOST CHIRPY person on planet earth.

Now, if you have a make up related wishlist as long as mine and you are still contemplating over what to do? Well, stop doing that and head over to Embee Obsessions and let them efficiently arrange it all for you. (Oooooo, that rhymed!)

I have become a life long fan and I would recommend Embee Obsessions over and over!

You and I

You and I

Dear Diary,

I usually come to you in a state of confusion. Why else would I want to play mind games with an inanimate object, such as you? Today is no different. I’m confused and I feel a spectrum of emotions that cannot be expressed in words. I wish you knew the answers to all of my questions, but you don’t. You are just a deep, dark abyss that swallows all of my thoughts, worries and aspirations with stunned silence.

You never reflect on what has been entrusted to you. I also wonder if you laugh at my silly ramblings behind my back. Do you have an opinion on how I live my life? Or whether you try to send me silent, telepathic messages when I’m stuck in cross roads? Sometimes I feel guilty for not visiting you more often. You don’t even complain. You have always enveloped me in your comforting arms and I will forever be grateful for that. I do trust you, with all of my heart. Except that one time when you didn’t keep your vow and I found you in my mother’s hands, baring my soul.

I did forgive you for that one time. I had to. What other outlet do I have? I don’t have the option of not trusting you. You and I, we both need each other. Where would I be if I do not have anyone to listen to my fears? And where would you be if there was no one to share their life with? I would be a jumble of nerves with everything piling up, one on top of the other, risking that pile to collapse one day. You would be nothing but a stack of white pages.

So, you see, we go hand in hand. Completing and complementing each other. You and I. With your limitations and my flaws, companions for life.

Coty Airspun Powder: Review

Coty Airspun Powder: Review

Hiya, ladies!

Guess what? It’s time for another KICKASS review!

I am aware that most of us are always on the lookout for a make up setting powder that would work well with our skin types. I know the struggle of trying products after products but them falling short some way or the other. I’ve been all the way from high end to low end but nothing has stood out for me, so far.

In my quest, I came across Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder and decided to give it a try. Apparently, this product has been around since 1935, so something that’s gripped the market for so long is bound to be amazing.

It comes in a handful of colours, neutral, peach, honey and translucent, to be specific. I went for neutral as I felt it was a safe bet and it did match with my tone. Now, according to the box, it is an ‘ Exclusive Microspun formula where loose powder particles are spun and swirled until they reach a cloudlike softness.’ Personally, I would vouch for the texture as it glided across smoothly, preventing the foundation to crease and just keeping it all matte.

I applied a generous amount, using my contour brush, to areas that tend to crease, for example, the bridge of my nose, sides of the nose, under the eyes as well as right under my cheek contour to give it a defined look. I let it ‘bake’ for 10 minutes and then brushed it all away using my powder brush.

The best part, it really helped keep the whole look in place. It prevented other products from sliding off, with time. Not to mention, setting my make up flawlessly and keeping it matte through out the day. Also, I noticed no flashbacks in my pictures! I wouldn’t claim that it’s the best powder I’ve tried so far, it does have its drawbacks, like it might not give you a complete crease free look which a high end powder would. Nevertheless, worth it if we look at what we are getting in terms of the pricing of this product. Now here’s the good news! Guys, if you get it online, it would cost you around $10 and if you can make your khala, chachi, phuppo etc. In the US to get it for you from Target, it would cost you around $7, isn’t that the best!? All in all, I feel it’s a pretty kickass bargain.

If, however, you don’t have anyone to get it for you from the US, you can always place your orders with EmBee Obsessions, I’m sure they would find a way to get this to you in the most reasonable price.

P.S: My hunt for the perfect make up setting powder is still, very much, ON. I will update as soon as I find one.

Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate Facial Serum: Review

Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate Facial Serum: Review

I personally feel that hydration is the foundation for a healthy looking skin. We have the standard moisturisers, cleansers and toners that help with making our skin soft, thoroughly cleansing it and giving it a healthy shine. However, we don’t give much thought to keeping our skin well hydrated. Lack of hydration, usually leads to dry, patchy skin, acne problems and dullness.

I had been facing similar issues for quite some time and I couldn’t fathom where I was going wrong with my skincare, until, one fine day, I bought this Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate Serum from my friend and I thank her every, single, day for offering it to me! (You know I do, Anam. šŸ˜‰)

Ladies, I call it the magic potion, you can call it the hydrate serum. It’s a jelly like mixture and you just need 3-5 drops of this concoction. Apply it to your skin after cleansing it and you would actually feel the thirsy skin cells screaming with joy! I can tell my skin feels instantly rejuvenated. You can also dab a small amount under your eyes to refresh and hydrate.

This product is made up of the most natural ingredients. It has organic aloe Vera leaf juice which is a humectant and makes it extremely hydrating. Other main ingredients include hyaluronic acid, hexapeptides, cucumber (my favourite), tamarind and passion flower extract. All natural, good things your skin is going to absolutely love.

It doesn’t matter what age group you belong to, your skin needs all the hydration it can get. This product is HIGHLY recommended. Include this in your night time, skincare routine or wear it under your foundation. It works well either way. Withhold spending on your make up purchases for some time, if need be, and buy the Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate Facial Serum. Trust me, you would be doing your skin a HUGE favour.

You are welcome.

Photography: Anam Rafiq

Morphe 25b Bronze Mocha: Review

Morphe 25b Bronze Mocha: Review

December, 2016, Morphe launched two limited edition eyeshadow palettes, 25a Copper Spice and 25b Bronze Mocha. 25a was more towards warm shades while 25b had cooler toned, purples and browns.

I opted for 25b because all the other palettes I own are full of warm toned browns and golds, this time I wanted to experiment with the cooler, more ethereal tones. And, boy, was I blown away?

It’s my best purchase to date, in terms of both quality and price. This product has 25 shades, and a good combination of mattes, shimmers and satins. The first two rows would give you both cool and warm transition shades, mostly matte and a few satins thrown in. The texture’s amazing, easy to blend and all well pigmented.

It also offers 6 shimmer shades, now these I found the most gorgeous! Morphe is famous for their shimmer shades and now I know why. They feel so buttery, glide on smoothly. The best part, these shimmers reflect like magic under light. I just love the subtle glam look they give!

The last two rows are mostly dark mattes, with a couple of satins in between. Now, I found these darker shades a bit difficult to blend because a. They’re highly pigmented and b. They tend to be a bit dry and come on chalky on the lid. I worked with small amounts and came to the conclusion that they’re definitely buildable. You need to have the right blending brush to make them work for you. They have some pretty amazing dark colours for a deep, smoked out look.

Highly recommended! It’s my go-to pallette at the moment for all looks. I don’t know if it’s still available as it was limited edition but I am assuming morphe would restock for some time. If it’s still up for sale, grab yours!

Photography: Anam Rafiq.

Our Happy PlaceĀ 

Our Happy PlaceĀ 

Momma, if you are reading this, I need your attention for this blog post. And if you aren’t one, I would suggest you still read on, this might be helpful for you. And if you fall into the catagory of a daddy, I would advise you to put your phone down, handle your kids for a bit, while the momma gets to read this. Great, thank you! Hopefully, everything has been resolved by now, and the mommas are all here, the toddlers have been given pacifiers and the kids have been handed over ipads by daddies so that the mommas could give me their undivided attention. There, I like it.
Now, ladies, did you do anything today that did not involve catering to a screaming toddler or an impatient husband? I was afraid the answer would a big, fat, NO. See, as much as we love being the ultimate home maker, making sure everything runs smoothly within the household and every family member’s demands are met before they start losing their sh*t. (Quite, literally, in case of a toddler) It is important, I repeat, IMPORTANT, that you set some ‘Me Time’ aside for yourself, every single day. I cannot emphasize enough on the fact that how vital it is for your own well being. You have people depending on you, in fact a whole household depending on you, and how are you to take on such responsibilities with all your heart when the heart hasn’t been nurtured and nourished regularly?

Learn to be kind to yourself along with showing kindness to every other living being around you. Because, the time spent with yourself is going to take you a long way, both physically and mentally. Now that you have fully grasped what I’m trying to tell you here, (If you still haven’t, woman, forget about that tantrum being thrown outside for once, I have made sure your husband is there to deal with it, and just go and read the first two paragraphs of this post with CONCENTRATION this time.) fret not, because I have prepared a list of things for you to indulge in during this, coveted, ‘Me Time’ which I’m going on an on about. You won’t regret the time out, promise.

1. Write: Be it poetry, a short story, or your jumbled up thoughts. Write because there is no other, better outlet for those piled up emotions.

2. Go to the movies: Fix a date with your girlfriend. Go out for a few hours, have popcorns, let that hair down, girrrrrl.

2. Dance your heart out: Youtube Shawn T and get moving!

3. Take a walk: Sometimes a quiet walk with your thoughts is enough to clear your head.

4 Treat yourself: Go out for a spa day or treat yourself to a mighty lunch at your favourite cafe.

5. Read: Catch up on your half read novels. Personally, I love reading the most because my mind can escape to any country the author wishes to take me to. I usually return light headed and content.

6. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Catch up and make plans.

7. Get crafting: Indulge in arts and crafts if you fancy that!

8. Yoga: This is by far the best! Yoga tends to completely refresh your body and soul.

9. Drive: Go out for a short drive, put on Lana Del Ray and sing on top of your lungs!

10. Visit your happy place, just close your eyes, and you are transported.


The Lazy Working Mother.